Weracoba is my custom-built theme based on Underscores. Until I switched away from WordPress, I used it to power the site here on johnridesa.bike.

A few key ideas guide its design: minimal use of widgets, major use of categories, and a focus on reading content. Since I keep more than just typical "blog" content on my website, this theme helps organize the different categories.

Current status

I was heavily developing this theme for about a year while I used it on my website. Since I stopped using WordPress, development has officially ended. Feel free to download or fork the original, but be aware that there are a few lingering bugs that I'll probably never fix.

I tried to follow best practices and introduce a few cutting-edge ideas (at the time). I hope the code is useful to someone learning to develop their own theme.

A lot of the ideas and stylesheets are still present on this website's design, although without the WordPress baggage.