Weracoba is my custom-built theme based on Underscores. You can see it in action right here on johnridesa.bike.

A few key ideas guide its design: minimal use of widgets, major use of categories, and a focus on reading content. Since I keep more than just typical “blog” content on my website, this theme helps organize the different categories.

Use and contributing

Although I use Weracoba, it’s not quite ready for public distribution. It lacks several features like customizer options that a WordPress administrator will probably need. But feel free to use it, if you dare. Weracoba is GPL 2.0 licensed, so go ahead and browse the source or copy the code for your own theme. Pull requests, issue submissions, and emails are always welcome.

Notes on using Weracoba

To set up a custom front page, you’ll have to set a static front page in the WordPress reading settings. Edit the page you chose and select the “Front Page” template. In the customizer, you can open “Weracoba Options” and input the categories to display.

There are three widget areas: A sidebar that appears beside posts, a sidebar that appears beside the blog index and archive, and the footer. Pages don’t have a sidebar.

Weracoba has some special styling for Gutenberg blocks. I only styled the ones I’m actively using, so it’s not feature-complete.