Portrait of John

Hi, I'm John Jackson.

I’m a public library staffer who is interested in digital library technologies, web development, and libraries of all types. I like to bike, write, build, and tinker.

Hiring? Here’s a bit about me:

✔️ MLIS Graduate.

✔️ Working in libraries since 2015.

✔️ Experience in adult services programming, web development, data management, customer service, and more.

Let’s get in touch.

Questions, comments, job offers, jokes, poems, or just to say “hi.”


Some of the projects I’ve completed while working at a library and while completing my MLIS.

iOS Shortcuts app

These are a few shortcut scripts I've made for Apple's iOS Shortcuts app.You know how some websites will include a helpful "this article…


These are various software projects I've worked on.


Guides for the woodworking projects I’ve done.