Hi, I'm John Jackson.

I’m a public library staffer who is interested in digital library technologies, web development, and libraries of all types. I like to bike, write, build, and tinker.

Hiring? Here’s a bit about me:

✔️ MLIS Graduate.

✔️ Working in libraries since 2015.

✔️ Experience in adult services programming, web development, data management, customer service, and more.

Let’s get in touch.

Questions, comments, job offers, jokes, poems, or just to say “hi.”

Media production

Public libraries

MLIS portfolio

I graduated with a master of library science degree from the University of South Carolina with a focus on academic and digital libraries. These pages include samples of my work accomplished during that time.

Academic libraries

Technical services


Chess at the library.

While working at a public library for the last few years, I've developed an all-ages chess program. These are a few resources I created to help facilitate it

Chess articles

Software projects

The sundry software projects I've dabbled in over the years. I do mostly coding and web design.

Apps and coding

Maximum weighted matching finder

While I was developing Coronate I needed to solve the problem of how to correctly pair chess players. Researching this problem led me to discover the world of graph theory and “maximum weighted matching.” To make these concepts easier for other people to learn, I put together this interactive webpage.

Open Maximum weighted matching finder

Web development

Woodworking projects

Sometimes I build furniture, and these are the guides I wrote for them.