Portrait of John

Hi, I'm John Jackson.

I’m a public library staffer who is interested in digital library technologies, web development, and libraries of all types. I like to bike, write, build, and tinker.

Hiring? Here’s a bit about me:

✔️ MLIS Graduate.

✔️ Working in libraries since 2015.

✔️ Experience in adult services programming, web development, data management, customer service, and more.

Let’s get in touch.

Questions, comments, job offers, jokes, poems, or just to say “hi.”

MLIS portfolio

I graduated with a master of library science degree from the University of South Carolina with a focus on academic and digital libraries. These pages include samples of my work accomplished during that time.

Academic libraries

Academic Library Faculty Support

I describe several key topics affecting academic libraries and how I could assist faculty with them: data management plans, open access, and intellectual property policy.

Open title

Technical services


Chess at the library.

While working at a public library for the last few years, I've developed an all-ages chess program. These are a few resources I created to help facilitate it

Chess articles

Software projects

The sundry software projects I've dabbled in over the years. I do mostly coding and web design.

Apps and coding

Web development

Weracoba WordPress Theme

(Currently defunct.) This is a custom WordPress theme I created from scratch. I don't update it anymore since I stopped using WordPress for this site.

Open title

Woodworking projects

Sometimes I build furniture, and these are the guides I wrote for them.