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Hi, I'm John Jackson.

I’m a public library staffer who is interested in digital library technologies, web development, and libraries of all types. I like to bike, write, build, and tinker.

Hiring? Here’s a bit about me:

✔️ MLIS Graduate.

✔️ Working in libraries since 2015.

✔️ Experience in adult services programming, web development, data management, customer service, and more.

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Check out my portfolio and other projects:


Some of the projects I’ve completed while working at a library and while completing my MLIS.


Software I’ve made, open source so you can fork it.


Guides for the woodworking projects I’ve done.

Other general updates

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The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer published a letter of mine which discusses the state of biking and walking in downtown Columbus. You can read the full letter on their site, but here’s an excerpt:

I’d like to ask the people downtown what it would take to get them to walk a block instead of drive. […] Meanwhile, no one seems to complain about having to walk across a Walmart parking lot to do their shopping, which can stretch even longer than a city block.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 19, 2019

The article I was responding to can be be found here: “Downtown parking rules confuse visitors, business owners.”